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Monday, February 15, 2010

Windmills party - the Red Issue

In my hopeless attempt to keep up to date with this blog, I did just want to add these pics from the Windmills bithday party - a brilliant night, kudos to Alison and Jo for putting together a fabulously themed gig (especially loved the red FOOD thanks Jo!).  Great to hear local writers sharing their work with a supportive, enthusiastic Geelong audience.
Organisers Jo and Alison - regular reviewers for the Pulse, Tuesdays on Scanlan's Front Page.

Red red roses, red red wine, red red flag and a red hot time!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tuesday January 12th 2010

Show 2, 2010

Bernard recommends these good little bookshops visited on recent Western sojourn:
Blarney Books
Another one in a side street: excellent selection, and staff who clearly knew their stuff.
Lorne Books
Noel Fowler's Second-hand Books: a lot of specialised material.
Book City (Collins bookstore) in main street of Warrnambool.

A reminder about the launch of words@deakin "zine" Windmills - the Red issue.

A reminder about the State Library's summer read promotion including the fabulous Maura the Clairvoyant Librarian in Torquay this Thursday 14th.

Book Mentions
BR has browsed "Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature"...and we will draw from it periodically.

Those interested in the previously discussed "The Riddle of Fr Hackett" might like to search for Colm Kiernan: "Daniel Mannix and Ireland" [1984] and Michael McKernan's "Australian Churches At War" [1980.]

Some recent reading/browsing (may be discussed in later programs)
Elizabeth Gilbert: "Eat Pray Love"
John Carey: "William Golding"
Garry Disher: "Blood Moon".

John Bartlett looked at Paul Auster's "Invisible" and Peter Temple's "Truth".

Bernard reviewed Ann Tyler's "Noah's Compass".

"Method Acting/Cortez the Killer" Dave Rawlings Machine from the album "A Friend of a friend".
"Monday Comes" Claire Bowditch
"Waltz d'Amelie" Yann Tiersen

PLUS We spoke with Melbourne teacher and writer Chris Bantick re his Sat 9/1/10 " Australian" column lamenting the paucity of knowledge of poetry by Australians and the lack of teaching of it in our classrooms....sentiments we agree with on this program. We feature a poem plus discussion every week.

THIS WEEK"S POEM: " The Killer" by Judith Wright

Next week: Robyn looks at some children's books and...... Bernard will review a new book on the search for the sacred in modern India.