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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday December 15th 2009

On today's episode of the Blurb, we were very lucky to have David Kerr, Vice President of Geelong Writers Inc. in the studio to share the good news that the GW Inc committee has been revitalised and are looking forward to putting together a program of interesting events for writers in Geelong in 2010. David read beautifully an excerpt from the Geelong Writers Christmas anthology, which is available for $20 from Pam Holman on 52440276. His reading is available in podcast here.

Great excitement today as the Blurb received its first caller! Neville from Newtown, claiming to be Peter of Petersborough's brother, rang in to nominate his top 3 reads of the year:
1. "I, Mick Gatto" - Neville was impressed with Mick's self-reliance and economic rationalism.
2. "Roberta Williams: My Life" - a role model for young women, the well known Pascoe Vale socialite
3. "The Truth Hurts" by Wayne Carey - in Neville's words "a good old fashioned boy from the bush who came to the city and beat the urbanites at their on game ON AND OFF THE FIELD!!!"

I really appreciated Neville's contribution to the show, especially since Bernard was coincidentally absent from the studio (apologies to the codabeen champions).

The show had a very "mummy-ish" flavour today as I extrapolated the adage "write what you know" into "broadcast what you know", inspired by my delightful daughter and guilt over what a crappy parent I can be sometimes.

Today's book review was of "Sleep is for the weak" edited by Rita Arens. I found this book through Alice Bradley's "Finslippy" blog. You can read my review at Goodreads here.

Tunes today:
"Mummy's always in a hurry" by Tiffanny Eckhardt from the WatemChoo compilation.
"The Fine Friends are here" and "Country life" from Dan Zanes and Friends'"Catch that Train"
"Sisighengini" by Ladysmith Black Mambazo from the "Homegrown" compilation.
"Deeper Water" by Paul Kelly.

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  1. Great idea about the Poetry slam. I need a poetry for dummies refresher course to get up to date with the latest poems. I think poetry is the perfect read for us mother who are time poor but still want that literary rush.