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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Blurb: April 20th 2010

The Blurb

Tuesday 20th April 2010

Hosted by Robyn Hodge, reviewer John Bartlett and guests Greg Lindsay and Sarah McInnes.

1) Brief introductions to guests and the shows program.

2) Book News:

Emerging Writers Festival, coming up in May (21st-30th). Released a new collection, called ‘the reader’ that features highlights of the 2009 festival. Check the program out at

Geelong Library, 16th May 2-3pm. Meet the author experience with Garry Disher. One of Australia’s most eminent crime writers, who also writes children’s literature. Register now through the Geelong Library!

Open Mind Lecture Series. Tomorrow night ‘The scandal of world poverty and what can be done about it’ lecture by Bob Mitchell, director of legal risk and governance of World Vision in Australia. In weeks to come lectures on nuclear power and asylum seekers. For more information, check the dates for these and other events on the Geelong Library website.

Gazing and grazing happenings at the Soft coffee lounge! Poetry performance by Geelong’s Poet Lorikeet on Saturday 8th May at Soft coffee lounge, 29 Minerva Road, Herne Hill. 1.15pm arrival for a 1.30pm start, finishing at 2.45pm. Fundraiser for Freedom Wheels, who make modified bicycles for disabled people. Find out more by calling 0439030306 during business hours.

4) Robyn reviews ‘Alice I have been’ by Melanie Benjamin.

Released to coincide with the Alice in Wonderland movie. It is a historical novel, which focuses on the relationship between Alice and Louis Carroll. Does Alice remember what happened on that day? Innuendo about Carroll’s obsession with little girls. The truth is leaked out across the years and then comes to confront the truth. Flows well and carries you along, good in parts but not satisfactory all over.

Discussion about the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

5) Book Giveaway: ‘Tuscan Rose’ by Belinda Alexander. Robyn describes the books plot and the series. To win you must pick the link between the song (Kate Rudsby ‘I Wish’) and the story.

[Wrong song is played]

SPONSOR MESSAGES / ‘A time to smile’ Xavier Rudd’s new album played.

6) Greg Lindsay review of Nick Hornsby’s ‘High Fidelity’.

Discussion of the book and its creation into film. Greg describes the books plot, how he relates to the music and how well it translates into film. The fear of commitment and break ups, and how they influence his future relationships.

John mentions ‘Speaking with the Angels’ by Nick Hornsby.


7) John Bartlett reviews ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

Intriguing story between a servant girl and a painter, as he begins to ask and trust her opinion on his art. Then becoming his art. The historical research is very sound, and wrapped in fiction to create an interesting story.

The film is discussed.

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