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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May 31st

Well,we are back again...but illness prevents my getting the FULL
story on-line for you this week. Be assured we will be back better
than ever from 3pm on June 1st

Book & Publishing News

* Torquay Froth'N'Bubble Festival is FREE: June 18-19 at Torquay
Secondary College hall. Lots of writing,etc. workshops for all
ages.Check the website.

* JC BURKE ["The Pig Boy",reviewed April 19th] was to speak with me
today;unavailable,but we will follow up.

Next Week

The Blurb will be speaking with ROHAN WILSON, this years Vogel Prizewinner for, "The
Roving Party"] and short story writer LEAH SWANN.

* Bernard will review "The Precipice", by VIRGINIA DUIGAN, who 'The Blurb' will be speaking with soon.

This Week's Review

This week's review was "Where Colts Ran" by ROGER McDONALD

Score: ****

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